Nidek RHU-1000 Robotic Handling Unit

Nidek RHU-1000 Robotic Handling Unit

NIDEK’s new robotic edging system, the RHU-1000 can substantially increase the output of finished lenses in your lab and decrease labour-intensive operations. Designed to accommodate high volume lens processing and easy to program, the RHU-1000 will increase profits and enable faster service to customers. This revolutionary robotic unit can be purchased with an optical tray stacker (RHU-1000 S) or can be custom-fitted to a conveyor belt system (RHU-1000 CB). The RHU-1000's unique single robot/single edger composition makes the unit more efficient and easier to maintain, as compared to single robot/multi-edger units. The unique CD style feeder eliminates Job Waiting Syndrome and job tray bottlenecking increasing output up to 30 jobs per hour.

The unit partners with NIDEK’s new SE-9090 Express, winner of the 2004 OLA Award of Excellence. The SE-9090 Express offers pinpoint precision, 24/7 durability and outstanding consistency. The RHU-1000 can be retrofitted to any previously installed SE-9090 edger and the RHU-1000(S) is fully compatible with Nidek or LOH/Weco finishing trays and blocks, and compliant with VCA Standard Protocol.


  • Automatic lens handling
  • Small footprint
  • High speed conveyance
  • Great adaptability for any edging laboratories
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Two types of lens feeders, type S (stacker) and type CB (conveyer belt)

*The SE-9090 Supra is also included in the photo. The RHU-1000 in the photo is type CB.

Detailed Information

Automatic lens handling

The RHU-1000 enables automatic lens handling from feeding into the SE-9090 series through unloading from it.

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