NIDEK ARK-30 Hand Held Autorefractor/Keratometer


Handheld with keratometer and auto-shot function

The Palm-ARK hand-held Autorefractor / Keratometer offers versatile portability for multiple applications, such as inter-office or satellite office transport, nursing home visits, mission work, and local health screenings. Hand-held design allows measurements to be taken on physically challenged or wheelchair patients, and in the operating room for refractive procedures. Hard-copy printouts are available via infrared communication from the ARK-30 to docking station.

AUTOMATIC REFRACTION MEASUREMENTS FOR MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY The Palm-ARK automatically measures following alignment and transitions from auto-refraction to auto-keratometry. “Quick-mode” allows rapid measurement of challenging patients.

AUTOMATIC REFRACTION TARGET FOGGING FOR RELAXED PATIENT ACCOMMODATION Infinity target relaxes fixation and reduces “box” accommodation. Target fogging prevents focused accommodation during the measurement process

LARGE OPERATOR VIEWING SCREEN FOR EASY PATIENT ALIGNMENT The operator viewing screen facilitates alignment and helps maintain a comfortable measuring distance from patient. All measurement data is clearly displayed on viewing screen.

RELIABLE, REPRODUCIBLE MEASUREMENTS Measurements are not taken if patient is not properly aligned. A numerical confidence index is reported back to operator.

EMR DATA COMPATIBLE All data is transferable to EMR / EHR programs through an RS-232 interface.


Data Memory – The main body can hold data for 30 people (60 eyes). Measurement data can be printed out later. Compact Station – Even the docking station is compact. The footprint is only 249mm(W) x 220mm(D), allowing it to be used on a refraction table. Auto Shot Function – Auto measurement starts when the eye is in the optimal position. 90° Correction Function – When measuring the eyes of a patient lying on a couch, the astigmatic axis is corrected by 90°.

2.5-inch color LCD The 2.5-inch color LCD clearly shows centering and focusing indicators and allows easy operation.

90° correction The 90° correction function facilitates measurement of a patient in lying position by correcting the astigmatic axis by 90°.

Auto shot The ARK-30 automatically starts measurement when it is in the right position according to centering and focusing indicators.

Carrying case with portable stand (optional accessory)


Measurement of Refractive Power
Spherical Power Measurable Range -20.00~+22.00D (V.D.=12mm)
Indication Step 0.12D / 0.25D
Cylindrical Power Measurable Range 0D~±12.00D
Indication Step 0.12D / 0.25D
Cylinder Axis Measurable Range 0~180°
Indication Step 1° / 5°
Min.Pupil Diameter Measurable Ø2.6mm
Measurement Of Corneal Curvature
Radius of Corneal Curvature Measurable Range 5.00mm~13.00mm
Indication Step 0.01mm
Corneal Refractive Power Measurable Range 25.96D~67.50D (n=1.3375)
Indication Step 0.12D / 0.25D
Corneal Cylindrical Power Measurable Range 0D~±12.00D
Indication Step 0.12D / 0.25D
Corneal Cylinder Axis Measurable Range 0~180°
Indication Step 1° / 5°
KM Measurable Area 3.3mm dia.on Cornea (for corneal curvature radius of 7.7mm)
Measuring time Measurement of Refractive Power 0.2 sec
Measurement of Corneal Curvature 0.1 sec
Continuous Measurement 0.2sec
Chart Scenery Chart
Observation & Indications 2.5 inch colour LCD monitor
Station Unit
Printer Thermal Line Printer
Interface RS-232C
Power source AC100-120V±10% / AC200-240V±10% 50VA 50/60Hz
Dimensions Station Alone 249(W) X 220(D) X 102(H) mm / 2.5kg
Station & Measuring unit 284(W) X 220(D) X 216(H) mm / 3.5kg
Standard Accessories Spare fuses, Spare printer paper, Dust cover, Power Chord, Battery, Interface Cable, Hand Strap
Optional Accessories Carrying case with portable stand, IC Card system, Neck Strap, Battery, Carrying Case.