• New Standard of Visual Acuity Test
  • Space -free Chart System
  • No more Consumables needed
  • Various Charts Support
  • Image Slide-Show Customizable
  • Stabilized AII-in-One System Integration Technology
  • User Friendly Function Design



Embedded Type Visual Acuity System

  • Embedded system, VlC-l900(P) is more stable than PC based system and needs not additional accessories
  • VlC-1900(P) needs not cooling pan as it generates less heat while in operation
  • Booting TIme is less than 2S seconds
  • VlC-1900(P) system is upgradeable with just SD card replacement and easy for AJS

Special Charts & Various Precise Examination

  • VLC-1900(P) helps various and precise exam including Binocular Balance, Aniseikonia, Streopsis, Binocular Fusion, Suppression, Strabismus, Phoria, Color Blindness Test with more than 100 charts

Wide Viewing Angle & Clear Chart

  • VLC-1900(P) adopts high resolution 19-inch (1280 x 1024) reliable industrial LCD panel with wide viewing angle which provides clear chart and removes the image distortion as well

User friendly function for test distance adjustment

  • Viewing distance can be adjusted in accordance to the space of test room
  • Viewing Distance is selectable by 0.25M or 0.5M step within 15M (Min) - 8.0M (Max)

Networking Function

  • VLC-1900(P) communicates with compatible automatic phoropters and is available to be controld by the controller box of phoropter (VDR-1900, CDR-3100(P), CDR-7000, UDR-700)

Wired I Wireless Remote Control with LCD Window

  • VLC-1900(P) support both wired I wireless remote control
  • High brightness of LCD panel enhances user convenience at dark eye exam circumstances
  • Remote control needs not replacement of Battery according to the adoption of rechargeable lithium-Ion Polymer internal battery


LCD Type 19-inch (SXGA)
Resolution 1280 x 1024 pixels
Chart window size H 300 X (w) 375mm
Brightness 80-32cd / M (5 - Level variable)
Charts Available Landolt, Snellen, English, Arabic, Numeral, Color Blindness, Special Charts, Image and etc.
Selectable Distance 1.5 - 8M (0.25 or 0.5M step)
Memory Card SD Card
Power Supply DC +12V @ 5A (Power Adaptor)
Power Consumption 40W
Communication IrDA and RS232 Serial communication
Dimension / Weight (W) 436 X (H) 362 x (D) 59.5mm / 5.5 kg
Remote Control (W) 69.5 X(H) 235.5 X (D) 26mm / 200g / RechargeabIe Battery
Data Interface Cable for digital Phoropter
Standard Accessory Wall Mounting Bracket, Desktop Stand
Optional Accessory Polll typed Floor Stand, Red/Green Glasses